Ficus elastica 'Ruby'

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Ficus elastica 'Ruby' (rubber plant, rubber bush, rubber fig), produces large, thick, oval leaves. The glossy leaves are patterned in red, pink, cream, and green. The tri-colored variegation requires brighter light conditions to keep the colors strong and defined. Place your Ficus elastica 'Ruby' in a room with a medium amount of natural light or near a window with sheer curtains for filtered sunlight. The main stem can always be cut back if it gets too tall and will usually send out several new shoots to form a fuller looking plant.

  • HARDINESS: zones 11+
  • EXPOSURE:  shade, part shade, bright indirect light
  • SIZE: 5 ft +
  • HABIT:  upright bushy
  • SHIPPING SIZE: 1/2 gallon pot