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Acer laevigatum 'Hong Long' EXTREMELY RARE

Acer laevigatum 'Hong Long' EXTREMELY RARE

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Acer laevigatum ‘Hóng Lóng'
Rare "Red Dragon” Chinese Evergreen Maple

Zones 7-10

Acer laevigatum 'Hong Long'  (evergreen maple, smooth maple, Nepal maple) is an EXTREMELY RARE, small evergreen tree with deep maroon/reddish purple new growth which slowly fades to a reddish green/green by summer.  Acer laevigatum 'Hong Long' has a stunning, near black (dark purple) trunk and branches when young.  As tree ages, the trunk will slowly become a deep gray.  Acer laevigatum 'Hong Long' is very fast growing and is one of the most exciting new maples we have seen in a long time and can be used as a stunning specimen in your garden wherever a small, evergreen tree is needed.

  • EXPOSURE:  part shade, sun (might burn leaves, bark)
  • SIZE: 20-30' likely - too new to have good information
  • SHIPPING SIZE:  1/2 gallon pot.  26" plant.
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