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Agapanthus "New Zealand Giant


Agapanthus "New Zealand Giant" is like agapanthus on steriods!! About 15 years ago I was plant exploring with my dear friend Linda Guy in New Zealand. We were driving along the south west coast of North Island (I was driving) and suddenly I slammed on the brakes and started yelling OMG did you see that Agapanthus?!!!  Thankfully no one was behind me otherwise I’m sure I would have caused an accident!  We drove back to see 4 clumps of this amazing plant growing by a driveway. Even after all these years, I still get an adrenaline rush thinking about it!  Linda is over 6 feet tall. She was standing by the clumps and the bottom of the inflorescence was OVER her head!  The uppermost flower was about 8 feet above the ground. We found owner and she said it was just a normal agapanthus (it’s a common ditch side weed in that area). When I pointed out it was 2-3 times bigger than normal, she was surprised. She had been dividing it to make more clumps and didn’t realize the treasure she had found!  Typical of New Zealander’s incredible generosity, she grabbed a shovel and dug a large division for us. It has taken about 15 years to build stock of about 30 plants. It is very slow dividing. It’s unlikely we will ever have this amazing plant available in the future. Be sure to order this stunning beauty quickly. Once sold out, we are out. Bloom stalks get to around 5-6 (7) feet tall with the floral clusters about the size of a basketball. It’s just amazing!! A must for any garden.  Guessing warm zone 7 or warmer. Easy in a container if overwintered inside heated sun room 

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