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Ilex x 'Whoa Nellie'

Ilex x 'Whoa Nellie'

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Ilex x 'Whoa Nellie' is an evergreen large shrub with red berries and green leaves that turn brilliant yellow when exposed to sun. Ilex x 'Whoa Nellie' was found as a mutation on 'Nellie R Stevens' holly by Mike Dirr and was named by Tony Avent.  Ilex x 'Whoa Nellie' makes a brilliantly colored large shrub when grown in full sun (mostly green or pale green when grown in the shade) and has bright red berries through the winter.  Ilex x 'Whoa Nellie' is great used as a large hedge and is stunning as a specimen and is best grown in full sun for maximum golden color.  

  • HARDINESS:  zones 7-9
  • EXPOSURE:  part sun, sun (best for good foliage color)
  • SIZE: 20'+
  • SHIPPING SIZE:  1/2 gallon pot.  12-14" plant.
  • Thanks to Mike Chelednik for use of his photo.




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