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Magnolia x 'Stellar Ruby' PP 29778 GARDEN TREASURES INTRODUCTION

Magnolia x 'Stellar Ruby' PP 29778 GARDEN TREASURES INTRODUCTION

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Magnolia x 'Stellar Ruby' PP 29778 (banana shrub) is a Pat McCracken of Garden Treasures introduction and was created  by a controlled cross of Magnolia figo var. skinneriana x Magnolia crassipies (dark purple clone) and is uniquely different from other "banana shrub" Magnolia figo types with its narrow, dense pyramidal growth habit, floriferous blooming habit, ruby colored, fragrant flowers, dark, glossy green leaves, and cold hardiness,  Magnolia x 'Stellar Ruby' PP 29778 was granted a Plant Patent in 2018.

Magnolia x 'Stellar Ruby' PP 29778 blooms in the spring with ruby colored, fragrant flowers and often reblooms throughout the summer with paler pink/ivory HIGHLY fragrant flowers (much more fragrant in warmer weather) that smell like ripe pineapple and tropical fruit.  Summer reblooming is much more pronounced if plants are tip pruned after initial spring flowering - it will bloom heavily and still set more buds for a heavy spring bloom the following year.  In climates with long summers, a 2nd or potentially 3rd tip pruning can be done to promote heavy blooming all summer.

Magnolia x 'Stellar Ruby' PP 29778 makes a fantastic specimen plant but is incredible as a hedge around your garden!  Planting on 4-foot centers and keeping pruned to desired height (easily maintained at 6-8') will create a dense, evergreen, blooming, fragrant border around your garden!  If left unpruned, estimated mature height is about 12-15' by 6' wide.  

The photo shown here of a single plant shows a plant about 6 years old with no pruning.  The photos of hedge show plants about 8 years old that have been pruned several times when they were younger and no pruning for the past 4-5 years.  Spring flower color tends to be darker purple if flowers are exposed to high light levels.  Photo of pink/ivory colored flower is from summer re-blooming.

Your feedback on performance in your area would be greatly appreciated - especially for experimental gardeners pushing hardiness zones - we would love to hear from anyone in zone 6 that has tried Magnolia x 'Stellar Ruby' PP 29778.

  • HARDINESS:  zones 7(maybe 6 in sheltered site) - 9
  • EXPOSURE: full sun to semi shade
  • SIZE: 12-15' tall x 6' wide (can be pruned to keep smaller)
  • FLOWERS:  ruby spring flowers, pink/ivory summer - fragrant
  • SHIPPING SIZE:  1 gallon container.  18-24" plant.
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