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Platycrater arguta

Platycrater arguta

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Platycrater arguta  (tea of heaven, Hydrangea platyarguta) is a small, deciduous shrub with green, willow-like leaves with small white flowers.  Platycrater arguta is a delightful addition to any hydrangea collection with its graceful growth habit, narrow, willow-like leaves and small clusters of single, white flowers. Platycrater arguta is one of those "what is it?" plants, especially when not in flower.  The flowers of Platycrater arguta start as small clusters of pure white buttons (stunning) that open into a typical hydrangea type flower.  In warm climates, Platycrater arguta is often semi-evergreen and we typically get a soft butter yellow fall color on our plants.  Platycrater arguta is choice and special and can be used in mass plantings or a specimen in your woodland garden or other shady area that has moderately good soil and decent moisture.  Like other members of the hydrangea family, Platycrater arguta does not like extremely dry conditions.

  • HARDINESS:  zones 7-9 (zones 5-6 will die to ground and regrow)
  • EXPOSURE: shade, part shade
  • SIZE: 3'
  • SHIPPING SIZE:  1/2 gallon plant pruned to 8".  See photo.


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